Tips on “How to Write a Good CV?

One of the basic ingredients of a good CV is a Personal Statement or a Career Summary that one should include as an introductory statement.

Why is it Important?

  • A good Starting Statement can create a positive impact and interest the recruiter to read your CV. A recruiter typically goes through hundreds of CVs for one open Job Position and a good Introduction ensures that you have his/her attention.
  •  Keywords: In the digital world search terms works best to get quick results and recruiters often use keywords to search for resumes in a database. Keywords should be carefully chosen for a personal statement which will ensure that your CV is easily searchable.


What should go into a Personal Statement?

A personal statement should be crisp and should not be more than a few lines. Remember the introductory statement is a bridge between the recruiter and your CV. The personal statement can include your area/field of work, core competencies, highlights of highest professional qualification or training. One can also include a work ethic, working philosophy or belief that reflects professionalism.

Some good examples for a career summary:

  • For a Business Development Professional: “Business development professional with 15+ years’ experience in generating leads, building relationships and managing sales projects from concept to completion. An adaptable leader skilled in building and managing successful teams, exceptional communication skills and adept in taking quick decisions to resolve customer issues.”
  • For IT Project Management Professional: “12+years in managing and delivering IT Projects for clients from wide range of industry that includes fortune 500 FMCG giant, top bank, leading car manufacturing company and top 5 insurance company. Major experience lies in leading multiple teams across different functions to ensure timelines, quick resolution of issues, set expectations and ensure delivery with high profitability. Ability to deliver as a leader and as an expert consultant.”

Please remember a Summary is used to create Recruiter’s interest to read further. A very long summary with difficult to understand Jargons can do just the opposite.

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